Floshin Ecosystem

What is $FLOSHIN and how is it related to $CAGE?
Floshin is the parent, and the products are the children. Coinage($CAGE) is a product of Floshin and is a multi-chain decentralised exchange. There are other upcoming products that have functions like NFT Marketplace, ESCROW platform, FLOSHIN Stable-Coin, Governance platform for any token projects.
All Floshin products have a revenue generation model where on every transaction small fee is charged. And from that fee large portion (between 50% to 75%) of the earnings from each product is then used to buy back Floshin tokens and burn them to reduce the circulating supply and also used in increasing Floshin LP share. This will help in boosting the price of the Floshin token and at the same time reduce the price impact.
Floshin holders also receive reflections through simply holding the token and can also stake their token on Coinage and earn $CAGE.
Last modified 1yr ago